A deck is more than a connection between the outside part of your home to your indoors. It can elevate the look of your home while giving you space to lounge on when you want to see something beyond your screen. An outdoor deck can also be a place for an opportunity to bond more with your family or friends specially at times when there are family gatherings. 


 If you are planning on extending your space through investing in an outdoor space, here are some types of outdoor decks you can choose from.  

  1. Freestanding Deck 

This type of deck is also known as a floating deck or ground-level deck. It is most commonly built for spaces within your yard. If you are goo with this type of deck, the advantage is that you will not need a building permit for this deck type however it should be kept in mind that the deck should comply to the building codes associated with it.  

2. Attached Deck 

 Compared to a freestanding deck, this type of deck is a structure that’s a bit more elaborated or complex. With this type of deck, it is better to hire a professional to do the job since there is a height required and other things to consider like footings, guards and of course handrails for safety. 

So now that you can choose which deck type to choose, here are some materials you will need to accomplish your outdoor project.  

3. Composite 

A composite material is often from materials that have been recycled. It can be from plastic or fibers from wood however when it comes to choosing between the two recycled materials, wooden fibers are mostly used because it is soft but durable. Composites are also a great way to incorporate in your outdoor deck if you are on a budget because it requires minimal maintenance. Moreover, just like any other material, composites should always be cleaned to avoid buildup of mold or moss. 

4. Fiberglass 

Nowadays everyone wants to build with something that will almost last a lifetime and fiberglass is a material that sticks to that standard. It is also very flexible when it comes to being stained or painted. Moreover, if you are in a location that is exposed to moisture or a location that often experiences a season of rain, fiberglass is very suitable because it does not develop rust or soak in mildew. 

5. Pressure Treated Wood 

Pressure treated wood is a material that has been injected with chemicals in order to prevent the wood from rotting and from insect boring. Moreover, it is a very economical choice.  

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