When it comes to home projects the most common materials are drywall and plaster. Drywall is a material made of gypsum and is pressed between paper sheets and is mostly sold in the size 4 by 8 foot. Drywall is famous because it can be installed easily and quickly through screwing it to a home’s wall and various thickness are offered to give you options.  

On the other hand, plaster requires more amount of work in the installation process since you need to nail the lath and studs together then apply layers or a number of coats of the plaster. Plaster has been a great help in homes even long ago when there are still wars.  

Plaster and drywall need different ways to install however each material has its own weaknesses and strength.  

When it comes to labor, plaster requires a lot more work compared to drywall. Plaster was first used long ago however since it is a material that needs a lot of work, in the second world war, there was a shortage of men who were working with plaster thus drywall has become famous because it was something easier to handle and needs not as many men to work with.  

When it comes to costs, plaster also demands more compared to drywall. As it has been said that plaster demands more skill with the details of the work installing it needs, it also requires more time to finish the work thus the labor you need to pay will really carve in deep. Plaster installation cost has an estimate of 3 times more compared to drywall installation.  

You can be more creative with drywall compared to plaster. Plaster is a harder material compared to drywall thus if you want to be creative with your room or your home, you can easily hang things through a drywall because it can be penetrated by tacks easily. Moreover, if you have frames lying in boxes, you can freely hang them if you have a drywall because it is easier to handle unlike a plaster wall that needs screwing.  

If you want to focus on insulation rather than a sound proof wall, then a drywall will help you accomplish that. Insulation is very important in a home. Insulation does not only ensure that you have the right temperature inside your home but that your electricity bill will reflect just the amount of heating and cooling you used and not reflect extra energy consumption.  

Want to have a neater look?  

If you want to focus on aesthetic, plaster has it for you since it is a wall that requires skill to get done, it will surely reflect the pros who did the work as well. If you have curved walls, you should opt for plaster as the material you will use however if you don’t have much curved walls in your home and want something sturdy, drywall will definitely come in handy.  

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