Declutter your life to increase productivity

Want to be more productive? Declutter your life!

The spaces in which we live and work play an important part in our overall productivity. If you live and work in cluttered spaces, this could mean you are less productive than others who operate in highly-organized spaces. It may not always be the case, as there are some individuals who thrive in chaos, but in the long-run, living and working in an organized space that’s free of clutter will lead to more productivity. Let’s examine the reasons behind this assertion.  Many researchers have concluded that physical clutter – junk, paperwork, stuff

 from projects that have fallen off the table, sentimental objects, etc – negatively affects productivity.  It’s been proven that a cluttered area can negatively affect your mood and ability to get started on a task.  This can lead to stress, which in turns leads to a low mood, and the cycle continues in a very unproductive manner.


In extreme cases, very cluttered homes and office spaces can initiate emotional distress, as the people who occupy the space feel like they lack control over the space, and ultimately, lack control over their lives.  Emotional distress is not good for productivity.  The ability to thrive in chaos is one thing, but life is a grind, and the ability to get things done over a long period of time is the key to success.  That’s why productivity is so important.  If reducing stress improves productivity, and reducing the clutter in the spaces where you live and work reduces stress, then reducing clutter improves productivity!

So am I right??  Okay, now you might be asking yourself, how can I go about reducing the clutter in my workspaces?  This can be a daunting task.  One of the reasons we accumulate clutter in the first place is because we still feel like we might one day need the things we keep lying around.  Maybe the clutter contains sentimental items, or projects that we have an interest in, just haven’t found the time to start.

A good strategy to kick off your decluttering is to simply organize your stuff.  You don’t have to throw anything away yet.  Just sort and 

categorize the items into piles so you can clearly see everything.  As you’re sorting, there might be some obvious things that you no longer need and can immediately toss.  After the sorting, take a hard look at all your piles of stuff.  Whatever you use on a daily or weekly basis should remain in your workspace.  Anything else should be put away into storage, or taken away by a junk removal service.  I highly recommend hiring a junk removal service because, by employing a third party to take away your junk, you are committing to getting it done and removing the chance for hesitations if you leave it up to doing it yourself. This is why it’s worth paying someone else – for the sake of just getting it done.  For more information about junk removal services, check out Eco Junk Removal St. Catharines.

If you don’t want to get rid of anything yet, that’s understandable!  Instead of calling a junk removal service to haul away the piles of stuff you created, you can simply pack those piles into bins or boxes, and put them into storage.  Wait 6 months or a year.  If you find yourself never going to open those boxes or bins to use the contents inside, then you’ve just proven to yourself that you don’t actually need those items!  Use that knowledge and confidence to take action, and it’s okay, you don’t have to thank us!  Just go and get more work done!

Quick Tips for Cleaning Your House Especially Busy Moms 

When we are fully occupied of the different things, it is important that we need to be more efficient. When we say efficient here, that means that you have to consider a lot of things and you can finish things on time so that you are ready to proceed to the next problem. Others would hire a move out cleaning when they need to move from one house to another. This is going to be a nice idea when you are planning to make things very organized and well-arranged for you.  

There are hacks in order for you to maintain your house. It is not about having a very clean one but you need to secure that you are going to have a well-maintained one. The good thing about when you maintain the house is that you can assure that there won’t be stress that you are going to feel. That means that you don’t need to scrub too deep the floor early in the morning. The next thing is that you are going to have more free time to do whatever you want. If you are thinking about some ways to make it possible, then we can give you all the things that you need here.  

Every morning, you can turn on the sound and you can jive to the beat so that you can get a very nice experience when it comes to cleaning your home. Some people would not think this way but this one is pretty nice when you are lazy or you want to be more energetic. You don’t have to worry too much as you can make things very fun and wonderful by creating different ways and hacks to enjoy it.  

You have to organize your things from to time so that it won’t be messy to look at. There are some people who would think that this one is a good idea but for others they don’t like this one. You can always share the household chores with your kids so that they can learn as well the proper ways to make it better. If you have a closet, then you need to arrange your clothes them from time to time so that it would be very easy for you to choose or find the one that you like to wear.  

After waking up in the morning, it is nice that you can make your bed so that you would not worry about the possible steps in making this one over and over again. It is a nice thing as well that you have the appliances that can be a great help to you like the dishwasher as it would make your workload lesser. You can do other things while you are turning on the washing machine and the dishwasher as well. Tell your kids about the rules that you have in your house. It is nice that they should be tidy and clean as well with their things and rooms.